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How Much Does a Controller Make in Los Angeles?


Controllers spend much of their time coordinating, planning, and reporting on the financial activities of the organizations they serve.  As a result, Controllers are often key to the health and functioning of their organizations, as well as to the company’s or department’s ability to fulfill its short and long-term goals. Their roles in financial decision-making… Read more »

Do I Accept a Counter Offer? Never!


Let’s face it — receiving a counter offer can be very flattering. You gave your employer two weeks’ notice and in return, he offered you a raise, a promotion, or maybe even both. While being wanted is nice, remember, you actually had to quit your job to be appreciated. When put that way it certainly… Read more »

Aspiring CPAs to CFOs | What to do?


Whether you’re currently in the process of getting your CPA or earned the prestigious designation years ago, you’ve may have one goal in mind for your future — become the CFO of a company. This is an ambitious goal that requires both hard work and a well-planned career road map. With some planning and strategic… Read more »

Public vs. Private Accounting: Your Accounting Career Path


New accountants are often advised to start their careers with a public accounting firm, and eventually transition to a private (corporate) position down the road. But is this long-standing advice really the best strategy? At first glance, private accounting can often look like the best choice—but each side of the accounting coin comes with different… Read more »



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