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The Extended Value of Utilizing a Financial Staffing Firm


Hiring a financial recruiter to handle your next round of hiring will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Companies in the any industry must acquire first-class executive, management, and staff level talent to support revenue growth, reduce costs, navigate complex regulatory issues, and meet all the additional criteria that are vital to success, growth, and stability.

Considering the amount of time it takes for hiring managers to discover, screen, interview, negotiate, and hire quality candidates, there are numerous advantages of outsourcing these tasks to a financial recruiting specialist. Brilliant financial talent is in greater demand now than ever before—and to obtain the skilled professionals you need to thrive, it’s essential to have top-notch strategies and systems in place to fish out exceptional candidates.  When hiring managers spend their time on recruiting strategies, they often underestimate the amount of time and resources necessary to generate a pool of viable candidates.  This causes unforeseen problems.  First, the search usually takes much longer than expected.  Second, the hiring manager has spent an inordinate amount of time away from their core responsibilities.

Unrivaled Expertise

Hiring a financial staffing firm with specialized knowledge and expertise will give you a key advantage. Quality financial search consultants are experts in the regulations, requirements, and various intricacies of clients’ industries, and have proven success in locating ideal employees the first time around. They understand your company’s background and know the specific attributes and abilities your perfect candidate should hold. A financial recruiting firm will guide you through every stage of the process, ultimately reducing risks, lowering costs, and diminishing the recruiting/hiring timeline, saving substantial energy and precious man-hours.

Digging Deep to Locate Top-Tier Talent

There is a current misconception that in today’s competitive job market, quality candidates are clamoring for open positions. In reality, the majority of the top talent is already happily employed. The supreme value in a Financial Staffing Consultant is the ability to source the right applicant, not necessarily the most available applicant.

There are no shortcuts in this process—the only way to steadily locate and hire the most talented and qualified people is to have a strong finance background and a unique proficiency to tap deep within a network and connect with top quality prospects.

Procedures & Processes that Get Quick Results

A quality financial staffing firm takes the time to evaluate all of your company’s specific opportunities, as well as the requirements of each position. They will also analyze the dynamic incentives and features of your company that would compel superior candidates to join your team.

This type of preparation is a key factor not only in acquiring quality candidates, but also in delivering results within a suitable timeframe. Financial recruiters focus on aggressive networking and talent appraisal strategies to ensure that they have in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. Additionally, they will appraise your in-house hiring procedures and suggest methods to improve the quality and speed of your process.

Added Leverage in Negotiations

Locating the right person is only half the battle. Negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement is a crucial component of the hiring process. Candidates are much more likely to share their true motivations and goals with a third-party search consultant than a company’s hiring manager. Financial recruiters are in a better position to ask the “tough questions” and uncover red flags, mitigating risks on both sides of the equation and ensuring that all parties are making the correct decision. This paves the way for effective negotiations that extend far beyond salary and benefits.

Support Beyond the Hiring Process

Ultimately, the strength of a financial recruiting company lies in the continued support offered long after staffing duties have been accomplished. Hiring is expensive, but replacement is even costlier. Preparing new hires for success and regularly following up ensures satisfaction for both the company and its employees. Continued personal contact beyond the hiring stage positively impacts loyalty, work ethic, and future contribution.

If you are looking for the a financial staffing resource, contact the experts at Conexus Recruiting today. We have the experiences and resources to help land you top financial talent.

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